Support functions to Support QuantEcon.notebooks

The purpose of these utilities is to implement simple support functions to allow for automatic downloading of any support files (python modules, or data) that may be required to run demonstration notebooks.


Files on the REMOTE Github Server can be organised into folders but they will end up at the root level of when downloaded as a support File” –> ./


  1. Write Style guide for QuantEcon.notebook contributions
  2. Write an interface for Dat Server
  3. Platform Agnostic (replace wget usage)
quantecon.util.notebooks.fetch_nb_dependencies(files, repo='', raw='raw', branch='master', deps='dependencies', verbose=True)[source]

Retrieve raw files from QuantEcon.notebooks Github repo


file_list list or dict

A list of files to specify a collection of filenames A dict of dir : list(files) to specify a directory

repo str, optional(default=REPO)

branch str, optional(default=BRANCH)

deps str, optional(default=DEPS)

verbose bool, optional(default=True)